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Recycled Elastomers

Download a selection from our range of 4KFLEX compounds (PDF)
Is your desired material not listed? Contact us, we supply a wide range of standard and customer-specifically produced compounds.

ECOmpounds® are compounds based on upgraded production scraps, your own or others’, with a consistent quality. Good for the environment, good for your product and also a cost-effective alternative. At Ecompounds we have a range of standard tpe compounds, but we also produce customer-specific materials.


Due to our flexible production and laboratory facilities, we are able to make a material that meets the product requirements, this can be a material based on a 100% Ecompounds, but also a blend with virgin material. Everything depends on what quality you need for your product.

ECOmpounds are supplied with quality certificates and technical data sheets, which ensures that the quality remains the same as standard, so that the use of an ECOmpound does not disrupt the production process.

ECOmpounds are available in all kinds of elastomers and compounds, such as: SBS, SEBS, TPV, TPO, TPU or hybrid materials.

  • Circular solution
  • Constant quality
  • Easy to process and re-process
  • COA and Technical datasheets
  • Hardness 30A to 60D
  • Customizable for extra UV stabilization or fire retardant
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