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Reuse scrap and waste for a high-quality product?

At ECOmpounds® we specialize in the reprocessing of waste and waste, so that it can be fully used again for the production of high-quality products. From small to large quantities and from elastomers to technical compounds. You use regranulate without loss of quality, including the associated documents, such as a COA, TDS and MSDS.


With our flexible production and laboratory facilities, we are able to make a material that meets the product requirements of your product. This can be a material consisting 100% of scrap or waste, but also a blend with virgin material. Everything depends on what quality you need for your product. We can also use renewable raw materials to create an ECOmpound®.

ECOmpounds® are supplied with quality certificates such as a COA, TDS and MSDS. As a result, you are assured of consistent quality as standard, so that the use of an ECOmpound® does not disrupt the production process.

At ECOmpounds® we have an extensive range of standard materials, including elastomers (SBS, SEBS and TPV), but we also have a sustainable alternative for technical compounds (ABS, PA, PP,  PC/ABS) and blends.

We would like to get in touch with you to see together for which application you can use an ECOmpound®.

Benefits ECOmpounds

  • Circular solution
  • Consistent quality
  • Easy to process and to reprocess
  • COA, TDS and MSDS
  • Hardness 30 A to 60 D (in case of elastomer)
  • Customizable

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