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Korrels has built up a strong reputation as a material specialist and has extensive knowledge of materials. This knowledge is translated into smart material solutions. You can contact Korrels for elastomers, technical polymers and recycled materials. In addition to customer-specific solutions, Korrels' versatile portfolio also includes standard compounds and polymers.

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One of the most sold TPE compounds in the Netherlands. Customer-specifically developed and custom-produced. We have a wide range of standard compounds.

> SBS Shore A20 - D50

> SEBS Shore A20 - D50

> TPU ester and ether Shore A52 - D72

> TPV Shore A40 - D55

> TPO Shore A40 - D55

> Biobased compounds

The above materials are available for injection molding and extrusion applications

Customer-specific and standard technical compounds and polymers, including PA, PBT, PP, POM and blends. We also have a wide range of standard technical polymers in stock.

> PA 6 compounds

> PA 66 compounds

> PPH and PPC compounds

> PBT compounds

> PC compounds

> ABS compounds

> POM compounds

> Blends such as PC/ABS - PBT/PET - ABS/PA

> Biobased compounds

All compounds are available with: GF - MT - TF - FR - V0 - V1 - V2

Industrial compounds based on production failures. We upgrade scrap to a compound with all the properties of a prime material. Also in small quantities.

> PA 6 and PA 66 compounds

> PP and PP compounds

> PC and PC compounds

> PE MFI 0,30 to 25

> PS injection and extrusion

> ABS and ABS compounds

> Blends such as PC/ABS

> TPE compounds

All compounds are available with: GF - MT - TF - FR - V0 - V1 - V2

Fast delivery times, short lines of communication and good service.

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