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Laripur TPU

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Coim’s TPU LARIPUR materials are distinguished by:

  • Easy to process
  • excellent wear resistance
  • great flexibility and constancy at different temperatures
  • water and light resistance
  • good compression set resistance
  • good resistance to oil, grease and many types of solvents.

The LARIPUR TPU products can be divided into different categories, in order to fulfill the properties of the above points, the formulation is carefully balanced for each type.

LARIPURs includes a wide range of grades in different hardnesses, from Shore A60 to Shore D75. An important property of the LARIPURs is the total absence of plasticizers. However, there are plasticized types for specific applications.

The general characteristics per series are:

Products based on standard quality polyester. These show strong resilience and tear resistance. They also have excellent wear resistance and good stability in water and solvents, light and oxidation.

Products based on special quality polyester. The properties are similar to those of Series 20, but are characterized by greater resistance to hydrolysis failure and improved flexibility at low temperatures.

SERIES 2102 Polycaprolactone ESTER
Products based on polycaprolactones. They behave roughly in the same way as TPU in the particular Ester series but show an even higher resistance to hydrolysis failure.

The products are obtained by homogeneous modification with small amounts of certain technopolymers in some hard types. These belong to the special Ester Series. This provides increased hardness with excellent cold impact resistance.

Products based on high quality polyether. Compared to the Ester Series, they show a better resistance to hydrolysis and microbiological attack, a very good cold flexibility but a lower resistance to oxidation.

These have been specially developed for the production of hydraulic TPUs gaskets or any other application where high compression set, resistance to oils and/or high temperatures is required. Two polycaprolactone based products (2202-95A and 107-93A) plus one Ether based (2203-93A) belong to this group depending on the application.

These are homogeneous blends of other technopolymers with TPU in a variable ratio, the characteristics of which can vary considerably depending on the nature of the binder.

These figures refer to the SERIES 40 ESTER specification for calendering applications and soluble grades for synthetic leather production.

4KFLEX, compounds by Korrels. Een van de meest verkochte TPE-compounds in Nederland. Onze compounds worden klantspecifiek ontwikkeld en op maat ­geproduceerd. Tevens hebben wij een brede range aan ­standaard ­compounds. Snelle levertijden, korte communicatie­lijnen en goede service.
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