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4KTEC ABS compounds

Download a selection from our range of 4KTEC compounds (PDF)
Is your desired material not listed? Contact us, we supply a wide range of standard and customer-specifically produced compounds.

This highly impact- and scratch-resistant material with its beautiful glossy surface structure can be used in household and electronic products and office equipment, among other things. It is an ideal material where surface quality, color fastness and gloss are required.

The most important mechanical properties of 4KTEC ABS compounds are impact resistance and toughness. The heat resistance can also be adapted to customer-specific requirements. By changing the proportions of the components of ABS, we modify ABS for many different applications, both for various injection molding applications and extrusion.

Due to the ability to precisely match the properties to the application, ABS is often found in automotive interior and exterior components. The automotive industry – but also the construction industry, for example – places particularly high demands on the materials used.

They are stable under extreme conditions and should not break, even when confronted with large temperature fluctuations. ABS has excellent anti-static performance through additives: a particular advantage. The material can also be electroplated, embossed or metallized. For example, surfaces can be matte, glossy or satin.

Properties of 4KTEC ABS

  • high heat resistance
  • flame retardant
  • high impact resistance
  • very good electrical and insulating properties
  • good resistance to external influences
  • good surface quality
  • good workability
  • good chemical resistance to household chemicals
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